Online Banking with BMO Harris


BMO Harris is an up and coming bank in the US.  BMO began in Canada, in Montreal, but has expanded throughout Canada and is now found in some States.

Manage Your BMO Account

To manage your BMO account you have two main options, online banking, or banking at a BMO location.  Most common for BMO account holders is to manage their accounts online, so that is where we will start.

Managing your BMO Account Online

To manage your BMO accounts online, you will first need to login to your account using your user name and secure password.  The login portion of the BMO homepage can be found on the right hand side of the page, and you will find a number of options of where exactly you want to login to.  Choose the one that is most appropriate for what you want to accomplish today with your BMO account.

Once you are logged in to you account, you can begin to manage your finances as you need.  With BMO online banking, you can pay your bills, transfer funds between accounts and manage your budget.

Another way you can manage your BMO account online is in the area of loans and mortgages. BMO members can apply for personal and vehicle loans, as well as a mortgage online, and then, when the process is completed, they need only to go into the bank to sign the papers.  Once you already have a loan or mortgage at BMO, you can access it through your online banking to keep track of where the interest is at, or you can make extra payments to get that debt paid off quicker.

BMO online offers several more services, all of which can be found on the BMO Harris website.

BMO Branch Locations

When you are banking in person at a BMO location it is important to know where the closest branch or ATM is located.  BMO can be found in the Midwest states, with over 700 locations.  You will be able to find branches in:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

For more information on finding a BMO branch near you, check with your local yellow pages.

BMO Harris Bank

Bmo Harris Bank is Bmo online banking private wealth management division. Bmo harris bank offers its clients many investment vehicles to choose from. There is a Bmo harris bank representative available in every bmo bank personal banking. Bmo harris bank does not reserve itself for only the wealthiest of bmo clients, they will cater to those looking to start up there first 401k account as well. Bmo harris bank accounts can be managed from a clients bmo banking login page. This allows clients to view all of there assets and liabilities from one easy, convenient, and streamlined platform. Bmo online direct banking is consistently one of the best in the investment industry. Bmo harris bank offers:

BMO Harris Bank Platnium Banking

Bmo harris bank platnium offers its clients bank accounts as well as cash managements services. They also offer mutual funds, term deposits, lines of credit, mortgages and other personal financing options. There are many business financing options available as well. Bmo harris bank offers customized lending including loans through personal holding companies, more complex personal lending strategies, leveraging life insurance policies and able to give out loans in both us and canadian funds.

Bmo Harris Bank Investment Management

Bmo Harris Bank is one of the strongest investment banks with over twenty billion dollars in assets under its management. If you are the person who does not have time to deal with the day to day affairs of your investments than Bmo Harris Bank Investment management is probably right for you. BMo harris bank investment management team is comprised of highly trained and disciplined portfolio managers and research analysts. This allows you to get personal attention from your portfolio manager. Allows access to comprehensive investment solutions to meet any investment requirements. BMO harris bank investment management takes all tax consideration planning into account on your behalf as well.

BMO Harris Bank Estate and Trust Services

once you have built your nest egg it is necessary to ensure that it will transfer onto your next generation as efficiently as possible. There is no better way to do this than by having a effective estate plan in effect. BMO Harris banking online offers Estate Administration, Executor assistance, Trustee Services, Investment administration, and Retirement compensation arrangements. Estate planning can be a traumatic and stressful event. Bmo harris bank online employs a team of highly trained and professionals to help families navigate this area of there lives as efficiently as possible.

BMO Harris Bank Wealth Planning

Planning for your families future is all part of Bmo harris bank wealth plannings program. Bmo online direct banking offers a comprehensive array of wealth planning solutions. Some of the services offered are

Estate planning

Tax planning

Financial Planning and Retirement planning

Philanthropic Services

Business Transition

Post Transition planning

Family Education


BMO bank personal banking first opened for business on November 3, 1817. It started in a rented house in in Montreal Canada. They now serve North America and have branches and services available around the world.

Originally starting with a team of 9 members they now employ 36,000 people around the world and started with a capital base of 250,000 pounds to managing currently $367 billion dollars. Bmo harris bank was crucial in the lending process which led to the creation of much of the infrastructure across the North American continent.

Amongst newspaper archives dating back to the year 1817, one can find headlines of Mississippi becoming admitted as the twentieth state, Britain and the United States signed an agreement limiting the number of battleships allowed on the Great Lakes. BMO Bank was there to endure those times and are still a growing force in the banking industry today.

In 1817 , upper and lower canada which are now the provinces of Ontario and Quebec were still settled as British colonies. Among them were the 9 founding partners of BMO bank who were Robert Armour, John C Bush, Austin Cuvillier, George Garden, Horatio Gates, James Leslie, George Moffatt, John Richardson, and Thomas A. Turner.

BMO Harris Credit Cards

Bmo Harris bank offers a variety of credit cards. One of there most popular is there BMO Harris Bank Air Miles credit card. All of there credit card statements can be viewed online through bmo banking online sign or bmo online login. There Air miles credit card currently has a promotion of 25% off of worldwide flight. The card charges a 19% interest rate and has an annual fee of $99. There are also there rewards cards available. They are the platnium rewards card, Visa signature premier card and premier elite card. These cards offer 1 point for every $1 spent on the card. As with all credit cards it makes the most financial sense to pay them off in the first 30 days to avoid any interest charges.

Bmo credit cards can be applied for through your bmo online banking. Simply go to bmo account login and click through to the credit card application page. Once there you will need to choose the type of card that bests suits your needs and thenfill out the application form. The applcation form is fairly straight forward and standard amongst all credit card applications. The usual information will be required such as full name, address, employment history, financial status and marrital status. A credit check will then be required. You credit score or beacon score is what will determine if you will be approved for the credit card or not.
Upon approval you will be notified by email and than your new credit card will be sent to you in the mail. A phone number is provided on the back of the credit card which need to be called in order to activate the card.
Bmo bank personal banking credit cards can be applied for in basically any dollar amount denomination. Typically from two thousand to twenty thousand dollars would be considered standard. If a higher amount is required like say fifty or one hundred thousand dollars than a bmo harris bank credit card for business would probably be better suited. They bmo harris bank business credit cards come with typically a little lower interest rated and have different options for cash advances. The bmo harris bank business credit cards also have a very intuitive billing option which allows business users to easily track spending for there day to day business activities.

Bmo Harris Mortgages
Bmo harris bank has many mortgage options available. Bmo harris bank’s website is great when it comes to seeing the different mortgage products available. They provide a click through site which asks questions like first / mortgage selector, i want to buy a home, what kind of home, is it a single residence or townhouse or a condo, are you a first tome buyer?, and finally what state are you located in?, than you will be asked how much of a loan are you looking for which is divided into two categories of over four hundred and seventeen thousand and under four hundred and seventeen thousand. Do you have a down payment of at least five percent?  How long do you plan on owning this home?, and finally when would you like to get the application process started? Once all of these questions have been answered than a screen will pop up with the best suited mortgage product suited towards you based on the answers you have provided. Although this may not be the most personal approach, it is fairly quick and streamlined and gives you a good idea of where you should start looking prior to speaking with a bmo online bank adviser.
Mortgage types
Bmo harris bank offers the standard fixed rate mortgages with a two, five, and ten year options available. These mortgages are best suited to those who intend to stay in there home for a longer amount of time. They will usually offer a bit better interest rated but can carry heavy payout penalties if the contract is broken before the end of the term. Alot of times rather than break the mortgage contract it is a better option to port the mortgage from one poverty to another. This would avoid any penalties because you are still borrowing the same principal amount.
Variable rate mortgages offered by bmo harris bank are a great option for those who are willing to take on a little more risk in hopes of saving money on there interest payments. A variable rate mortgage is also sometimes referred to as an adjustable rate mortgage. A variable rate mortgage is pegged to the current interest rate which is set by the federal reserve. The banks will than add on a percentage, typically one point two five percent or so depending on the applicants credit score. When the base rate or prime rate goes up than the mortgage rate of the holder would also go up affecting there monthly payment amount.
These are the two most common types of mortgages but there are also commercial mortgages available and things like bridge mortgages and second mortgages available. The best option is always to go into your local bmo harris bank and speak with a mortgage adviser about your personal needs.
Bmo Banking online
Bmo harris bank has a great online platform. Every Bmo harris bank customer has access to this as soon as they are a customer. On the home screen page there is a wide arrange of tabs. The first is bmo banking online sign. This page allows you to enter your personal account information. You will need to provide a username and password to be able to access bmo banking login. The main screen will provide you with a snapshot of your accounts such as your main checking and savings accounts.

BMO Dividend increase

BMO Harris bank has just increased its quarterly dividend payment amongst strong financial earnings reports. BMH Harris bank has increased its total loan rate by nine percent. BMO harris bank has historically been known for its strong commercial lending business but current CEO Bill Downe has been pushing hard to increase the Banks retail lending business.The two cent dividen increase brings BMO harris bank total quarterly dividend payment to seventy eight cents.